Olympic National Park

America’s National Park Service Celebrates Its 100-Year Anniversary

In commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of our National Park Service, we are honored to celebrate one of the most beloved destinations in the country, Olympic National Park. An outdoor adventure awaits guests in one of the nation’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. Your adventure starts here! Come explore!

The Olympic Peninsula is a place of magnificent beauty, a place unlike anywhere else. It is a magnet that draws visitors from all over the world to take in the view. Port Angeles and Sequim are nestled between the majestic Olympic Range and the picturesque Strait of Juan de Fuca. This unique region is the gateway to Olympic National Park, a land of dramatic coastlines with booming surf, wave manicured beaches, breathtaking mountain peaks, and sweeping vistas in every direction.

Three Separate Ecosystems – One Amazing Region
Glacier capped mountains, wild Pacific coast, and magnificent stands of old-growth forests including temperate rain forests — at Olympic National Park, you can find all three.

Over 90% of the park is a designated wilderness area, which further protects these diverse and spectacular ecosystems. The Olympic Peninsula is also known for its biological diversity. Isolated for thousands of years by glacial ice, and later by the waters of Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, this special area provides a habitat for many species (for example, Roosevelt elk) that are native only to the Pacific Northwest coast. Because of its importance, scientists have declared it to be a biological reserve, and study its unique species to better understand how plants and animals evolve. There are eight types of plants and 15 kinds of animals that are found on the peninsula, but nowhere else on Earth.

Four Season Paradise for Outdoor Recreation
No matter what the season, there are always exciting adventures waiting for you to explore at Olympic National Park. Whether it’s walking, hiking for miles through the high-country, enjoying a picnic, strolling on a beach, cross-country skiing or hiking at Hurricane Ridge, a unique experience is waiting for you.

Explore the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park
Explore the Olympic Peninsula and experience the rich diversity that it has to offer. With its natural wonders and scenic beauty, this area has been romancing visitors for decades.

Over the years, Colette’s guests have frequently commented that they wish they had planned to stay longer to explore and enjoy Olympic National Park and the North Olympic Peninsula. It is suggested that a minimum stay of three days is needed to truly appreciate and experience the area.

Elwha Ecosystem Restoration Project – It’s a Big Dam Deal!

The Elwha Ecosystem Restoration Project is the second largest ecosystem restoration project in the history of the National Park Service after the Everglades. It consists of removing the 210 foot Glines Canyon Dam and draining its reservoir, Lake Mills and removing the 108 foot Elwha Dam and its reservoir Lake Aldwell from the Elwha River.

Upon removal, the park will revegetate the slopes and river bottoms to prevent erosion and speed up ecological recovery. The primary purpose of this project is to restore the stocks of Pacific Salmon and Steelhead to the Elwha River, which have been denied access to the upper 65 miles of river habitat for more than 95 years by these dams. Once dam removal is complete, salmon will naturally recolonize miles of habitat in Olympic National Park.

Explore this landmark project – by watching this growing series of short web videos, reading the weekly Dam Removal Blog, checking project webcams and much more.

Documentary Film – “Return of the River” – about the removal of the Elwha Dam.

Olympic National Park – National Park Service
Olympic National Park has three major ecosystems including snow capped mountains, the wild Pacific coast, spectacular old-growth and temperate rain forest. Almost a million acres of stunning natural beauty for all to enjoy.

Hurricane Ridge and Visitor’s Center (ONP)
Sweeping views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains.
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Port Angeles is the gateway to Olympic National Park.

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Olympic National Forest – USDA Forest Service
At the center of the Olympic Peninsula, encompassing the steep mountain heights is the Olympic National Park and on the mid elevations surrounding the park is the scenic Olympic National Forest. The forest offers a diverse landscape ranging from lush ancient rain forests to deep canyons to high mountain ridges to ocean beaches.

Olympic National Park and Olympic Peninsula Hiking Trails
This region includes the national park, national forest, and other trails on the Olympic Peninsula.

National Forest Foundation (NFF) – Protecting America’s Backyard
The National Forest Foundation chartered by Congress, engages Americans in community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the 193-million-acre National Forest System.

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